“Wow” is the only word for fabulous hike at Land of the Medicine Buddha

D and the Mag at flags

Sometimes the Adventurers can’t quite figure out how they could have missed something so close to home. But, alas, they do.

D and the Mag at shrineIt took a small item in Sunset magazine for them to head over the hill to the Santa Cruz area where they did what they both agreed was one of the best hikes ever at the Land of the Medicine Buddha. “What,?” you may ask.

Even though both M-A classmates made numerous trips “over the hill,” neither had heard of this near magical paradise. Added bonus: It is dog-friendly, so The Mag got to come along. (Caveat: Some maps show the six-mile loop trail entering the Forest of the Nicene which has limited dog-friendly trails. There were no signs showing that we’d entered the Forest nor “no dogs” signs on our route)

The trails were mostly redwood covered, which make them soft. Even the oak woodland areas were well-maintained.

The bonus, of course, were the various Buddhist shrines and personal mementoes left along the way.

Just for the record, The Mag, did not seem interested in any of the Buddhist left behind stuff. But she did love that the trail crossed a creek…

Hike/moderate/six miles

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One Response to “Wow” is the only word for fabulous hike at Land of the Medicine Buddha

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Wow is right! Imagine hiking there and being unaware of it entirely. Also enjoyed your adventures with James! Am going to SJ next weekend for a dance recital and a T ball game and team party the next day. It will be a quick trip, so alas no time for extra curricular visits. Keep on hiking!

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