The sun shines and so does the city of Seattle

Green Lake with Wilder_061915

The forecast was for rain today but what developed passed through overnight, allowing the Adventurers to enjoy a journey out to Bainbridge Island, which they got to by ferry.

It’s the closest island to downtown Seattle and very pretty at this time of the year. They stopped in at Rolling Bay Winery and happened to run into one of the owners who welcomed them even the winery was actually closed. There the talked with winemaker Alphonse de Klerk about Dutch ancestry and Angela Piero about her family’s winery in Modesto, back in the day. D remembered it and they swapped stories about the Gallos.

They headed up the road toward Kingston where they took the ferry back to the mainland in time to join Jill, Tim and Wilder for the what they both have come to really enjoy – a walk around the Green Lake.

L and K got to the honors of poising with Wilder mid-way…

Walk/easy/5.15 miles

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