Day trip and family hike to Wallace Falls

Middle Falls_Wallace_062015

watching US Open_062015Jill and Tim planned a a day trip today, so car was packed up with baby Wilder, dog Penelope, and assorted gear and they headed out to Wallace Falls State Park, a very popular hiking area about an hour northeast.

The lot was already jammed when they got there shortly after 10:00. Parking down the road, they head out for what really is a spectacular hike through the woods along the Wallace River, reaching a series of waterfalls.

While the less ambitious don’t’ make it past the lower falls, most make it to the Middle Falls, which was there destination. Tim carried Wilder on his back, and as he said, “got a good workout.”

Back home there was one thing on the guy’s minds. Some pre-Father’s day golf watching. The US Open is just down the road at Chambers Bay…


Hike/moderate/5.88 miles

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