Getting an early start to Devils Postpile/Rainbow Falls hike

L and Mag had denuded forest
Sometimes you need to believe the weather forecast, and it was spot on today. The thunderstorms were supposed to start around 2:00, and they did, almost to the hour. And they continued non-stop until around 6:00 pm.

D and the Mag at Devil's PostpileAll that reason for the Adventurers to get an early start on their hike to Devils Postpile and then on to Rainbow Falls this morning. They caught the shuttle bus at the base of Mammoth Mountain, a requirement at this time of year. Maggie was welcomed aboard as long as he had a muzzle which was pretty ridiculous site given her size and demeanor.

The debarked at the Devils Postpile shuttle stop and walked about a half mile to the pile itself. The sun was not in the best place for photo ops but an obligatory shot was taken.

They then walked on to Rainbow Falls. No rainbow today but a pretty impressive amount of water. Their hike took them through some of the areas affected by the Rainbow forest fire in the early 90s and a huge wind storm in November, 2011. The winds were sustained at 100 miles an hour with gust of 200 mph. Around 100,000 trees were lost.

It was a good active morning, which they were glad about. Particularly given the thunderstorms of the afternoon that just didn’t stop…

Hike/moderate/4.5 miles

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