New kind of paddling – trying out a Dragon Boat with James and Grace

James and Grace on Lake MerritIt’s been a bit of a disjointed past week what with L being out of town on girls’ birthday get-together and D working a bit more than usual. But the weekend brought back increasing normalcy, amidst various catch up projects.

Learning that John was parent in charge this week with Julie up in Tahoe with a girl friend, the Adventurers headed over to Oakland this morning, joining “the kids” for lunch at the Lake Chalet, a really lovely refurbished restaurant right on the lake.

The plan was then to check out the rental boats available at the nearby boat yard. At least L thought it was close and she, D and Gracie took off in foot while John and James moved the car. A mile and a half later they were at their destination only to find it was “free boat” day, which meant half of Oakland was there to get a free ride on one thing or another.

James on Dragon BoatThey quickly found out their best option was to paddle a Dragon Boat, which seats around 20 people. Their group was a little more than than half that, although the key components were two women who paddled quickly in front of the boat and a guy who did the steering from the rear. They strokes were briefer and and quicker than when kayaking.

James had brought along a set of binoculars he’d made at preschool and kept busy scouring the horizon for other watercraft. Grace, who had first said, she was afraid, paddled along with a lot of the water getting on her father.

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon…

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