Heading up to Pinecrest Lake for annual summer visit

D paddling on Pinecrest Lake_081915

The Adventurers headed up to Pinecrest Lake for their annual visit, a tradition begun in 2012 when they first started hanging out together.

Kai in tubAs they’ve done in the past, the stopped at the Woods Creek Cafe, a place known best for its breakfast and goofy decor. They then headed to the Lake for an afternoon paddle. The wind behaved just enough to make it an enjoyable outing.

For dinner, the went to the Lair of the Golden Bear family camp where grand twins Kai and Lily were hanging out with their parents Nikki and Matt. So fun to see the very mobile and very inquisitive twins explore the out of doors. After dinner, they joined them for bath time, with Kai showing off his good form.

D both amused and bewildered his grand kids but putting Play Doh on various parts of his face. They didn’t know quite what to think…

Goofy gramps with red nose

Paddle/easy/3.3 miles

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