Heading home with a stop for a paddle at Lake Tulloch

Paddling Lake Tulloch

The Adventurers drove down the mountain this morning with the idea of paddling up a canyon of Lake Tulloch, which is situated on he Stanislaus River below New Melones Dam. They were not successful in that venture because there was no place to launch the kayaks, just a lot of “no trespassing” signs.

But a few miles beyond they stumbled upon Drifters Marina where they could put in for a $15 fee. Curious about the Lake, they paid the fee and set off on what would be a 3 1/2 mile paddle.

They usually steer clear of  recreational reservoirs like Tulloch which attract water skiers and wake boarders, but they were early enough that most power boats weren’t out yet. Plus, the proprietor of the Marina suggested a route that would largely keep them in “no wake” zones.

With 55 miles of beautiful shoreline, Tulloch is one of the few lakes in California that allows private waterfront homes and docks. And it was these homes that provided their morning amusement. Some of them were monstrous, and they couldn’t contemplate who would build such big homes for vacation purposes. The one pictured is known as the “Miami Vice” house.

When they got back home, L read that the Lake may be drained due to the drought. That, of course, is something the homeowners are fighting…

Paddle/easy/3 1/2 miles

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