Walking hills, plazas and narrow streets of Genoa

rebuiling bombed chuch

After a scrumptious breakfast at their hotel, the Adventurers took off on foot today to explore Genoa, which is marked by its steep ascent from sea to hilltop along with its narrow alleys (caruggi) and numerous plazas.

L going up the stepsThey headed first uphill with Spianata Castellelletto as their destination. This required walking up short steps with the alternative ramps. It was a pull made not terrible due to pleasant temperature.

They came down and wandered through the magnificent buildings that line the Strada Nuova before visiting one of the city’s famous churches, San Lorenzo, which has a black and white motif and is home to the relics of St. John the Baptist (or so the lore goes – L is always big on the idea of relics).

Along the way, they came upon a group of archaeologists from the university who were restoring a church that had been bombed during World War II (top photo). One of the students ( the site was next to the university) explained that they were using traditional methods and materials as the reconstructed an old oven.

fountain at Piazza de Ferrari

Next main stop was the city’s largest plaza, Piazzi De Ferrari, with its big fountain (above). They then wandered into an established seafood place for lunch, Rina, run as seems to be true at Genoa restaurants by family members.

In the afternoon, they took advantage of the hotel’s rooftop jacuzzis. Lovely to soak and enjoy panoramic views of the city below.

Dinner was at Le Marin, EATALY’s more formal sit down restaurant. Not being much of a shopper, L could have done some serious damage with all that complex offered.

Good day of walking and eating…

Walk/6 miles total/moderate (hill top walk) to easy

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