Getting a taste of the other Genoa

boats with covers

For reasons they have yet to find out, lots of things are closed in Genoa (maybe all of Italy?) on Saturdays until about 2:30 in the afternoon. So, a couple of things they were planning to do, like visit the famous lighthouse, got nixed.

fuco lighthouseInstead they took off on foot along the coastline, heading to the neighborhood of Boccadasse. Along the way, they discovered another Genoa. Not the somewhat gritty area in their neighborhood closest to the port, but one of broad avenues and leafy boulevards. Even the coastal path¬†changed as they walked along the Corsa Italia, much regarded as one of Genoa’s prettiest streets, expanding into a wide thoroughfare that accommodated walkers, joggers, and cyclists.

They passed on old cruise ship that looked like it had been rammed and various private beach clubs, none very busy on a Saturday morning. When the arrived in Boccadasse, they were initially disappointed to find the first choose restaurant was closed for a private party. But they happily found Creaza de Ma, where they had an excellent seafood lunch.

The temperature, by the way,is perfect for walking…

Walk/easy/5.5 miles

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