Five towns sort of but lots of trail closures on Cinque Terre

Above Vernazza

The Adventurers had a day of mis-adventures coupled with long waits at train stations. All of this surrounded by mobs of people.

shadowing at RiomaggiareIf not for some much welcomed chill time at their hotel’s cliffside pool overlooking the water, their report on the Cinque Terre would be even more harsh. They spoke often of how they would have felt if they, like numerous others they saw, were paying for a walking tour.

Yes, they could have done some more on-the-spot research to find that the trail section from Riomaggiore to Manorola was still closed after three years, the so-called Via dell’Amore. So, after a wait at the train station, they headed back to Vernazza, only to end up in Monterrosa because the train didn’t stop at the towns along the way.

They then heard that the stretch or trail between Manorola and Corniglia was also closed, leaving them only the option of Vernazza to Corniglia, another butt kicker. Instead they headed up the canyon from Vernazza (which they finally got to by taking another train back from Monterrosa). Along the way they passed a pirate bar, which was worth a photo.

L a pirate bar

After their trek, which was at least off the beaten path, they had lunch at the Blue Marlin in Vernazza, which other hikers had told them was staffed by someone from Menlo Park. But he (or she) was no where to be found today.

Yes, a day of frustration, but a swim and sun at the beautiful hotel pool saved the day.

Tomorrow, the head out by sea. That is, if the ferry is running…

Photo looking down at Vernazza and L at Pirate Bar by Dennis Nugent

Hike/steady up hill but not strenuous/4 miles

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