Recovery day taking in the sights around Portevenere

panoramic scene Portovenere

Morning catchThere’s no two ways about it. The Adventurers were plenty tuckered after their strenuous trek around Palmaria Island yesterday. Luckily nothing in particular hurt, just their whole bodies were fatigued.

So they decided to make any easy day of it. Around 10:00 am, they walked along the harbor where people, including a local chef, were buying the catch of the day.

They then headed out to the point where Chiesa San Pietro (St. Peter’s Church) is located. There were a number of cut out windows where they could look down at Byron’s Bay (the poet swam from there to some distant point “braving waves,” so the story goes). D captured a passing boat.

boat through stone windowReturning to the town center via some upper streets, they then walked along the water in the direction of Los Olivos. It was about all the could muster before returning to their hotel balcony for lunch with a view…

Top and bottom photo by Dennis Nugent

Walk/easy/3 1/2 miles total

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