Walking along the wall the surrounds the old section of Lucca

D along Lucca wall

The Adventurers headed to Lucca today, a 20-minute train ride away. The primary purpose was to walk the Renaissance-era wall the surrounds the city, which is remarkable in that it’s still intact.

What surprised them both was the width of the wall, more like a two lane road. Both because of its relatively large size and somewhat unspectacular views, its a poor rival to both the High Line in New York City and La Promenade Plantee in Paris. But it was a ver pleasant saunter, particularly on a weekday morning. They’re guessing it can be quite a zoo  during the summer months on the weekend.

L along Lucca wall

Like last night, when they were surprised to find the restaurant they had booked closed, two of their earmarked restaurants in Lucca were also closed for the day. But they were lucky (or so they thought) to get a table at Peperosa Ristorante. All was fine until the power was out and the chef was unable to cook their lunch!

They’re dining karma in the Pisa area is not good…

Walk from B&B to train station and back/easy/2 miles

Walk around Lucca wall and in the town/easy/4 miles

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One Response to Walking along the wall the surrounds the old section of Lucca

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    That’s wild! But a good story!

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