Honeymoon starts with a visit to Point Bonita Lighthouse

D at San Bonita Lighthouse

The Adventurers began their  married life with a morning visit with D’s daughters and families. They then headed north, dropping Jill, Tim and Wilder off at SFO.

The honeymoon lodging of choice is Cavallo Point, which they enjoyed a couple of years ago. It’s a short drive away, and the Fall is perfect time to be tucked under the Golden Gate Bridge as it’s mostly fog free.

The hotel is on the grounds of what was once Fort Baker, and they continued their military themed adventure with a drive out past Fort Cronkhite to the Point Bonita Lighthouse. It’s a scenic walk down to the lighthouse from the parking lot and then across a suspension bridge, which wobbled from side to side.

D, L, Doreen, Earl at Sushi Ran

In the evening, they met up with M-A classmates Doreen and Earl at a Japanese restaurant in Sausalito. There are now four married couples from the class of ’66…

Hike/easy with a one good pull/1.76 miles

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