Magical walk along the waterfront before sunrise at Fort Baker

Looking across the Bay before sunrise

When L looked at the photos that D took before the sun came up this morning on their pre-dawn walk around Fort Baker, it didn’t seem possible that they were all shot in available light pre-dawn. Thanks to the fact that the sun doesn’t come up until around 7:30 am, it wasn’t that they were up that early (at least by early riser standards). And the rewards were great.

Seagull on dumpsterThey started out with just a hint of dawn along the skyline with the Coast Guard boats looking ghostlike (top). The Coast Guardsmen were already up and active, greeting the Adventurers with hearty “good mornings.” (Maybe they don’t encounter too many others out in the early morning.)

The walk took them to the edge of a couple of piers and then around to Battery Yates. They encountered a few fisherman (who were catching lots of fish!) and lot of seagulls who were looking for an opportunistic morsel.

The sun had still not risen when they looked back towards the Golden Gate Bridge, still largely absent of commuter traffic.

The walk around the grounds got them ready for another delicious breakfast on Cavallo Point veranda. It doesn’t get much better than this…

Golden Gate Bridge before sunrise

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Walk/easy/2 miles

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