Enjoying the grandkids’ Halloween parades

Grace in Halloween parade

The Adventurers ventured over to the East Bay today. D cycled 35 miles there. L drove there as she and The Mag had jogged close to six miles earlier this morning.

James as vampire batTheir two destinations were to see grandson James and granddaughter Grace in their respective Halloween parades at their schools.

James wanted to make it clear he was a vampire (not fruit) bat. He’s seen them at the Oakland Zoo, which is nearby where they live.

For her part, Grace was not just any skeleton, but a “kitty skeleton,” That was evident in her noise and tail. The fact that she looked as much like at runway model than a second grader in a parade was disconcerting to the grandparents in attendance.

Great to take part in both of their Halloween festivities…

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One Response to Enjoying the grandkids’ Halloween parades

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    What cuties! Both growing so fast! Glad you and D back in the swing of things. Taking me a while– little under the weather since our return, but on the upswing. Happy Halloween and end of Daylight Savings (boo hiss).

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