On this sunny Fall day, Pulgas OSP was the choice

Pulgas hike

The Adventurers had to pick up some things in Redwood City today, so they tied the errands in with a loop hike at the Pulgas Open Space Preserve. There is never a shortage of dogs there because it is the one MPOSD park that allow dogs off leash in a specified area, which is not on their hiking route.

The Mag met quite a few dogs anyway with the Adventurers continuing to be peeved at people who have their large dogs off leash on trails where they are supposed to be leashed. They tend to coming swooping down on Maggie, who likes all dogs but not so much when they are smothering her.

The only evidence of the early rain this season was green pop up grass and a number of downed trees whose roots had decayed and dried during the drought. The remaining stumps always deserved a thorough sniff by The Mag…

Hike/easy/4.2 miles

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One Response to On this sunny Fall day, Pulgas OSP was the choice

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    I know you’re in a drought, but sometimes envy the ease in which Californians can go outside and hike without vests, jackets and wool hats and gloves!

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