On the road – headed south along Highway 101

Camp Roberts

The Adventurers and The Mag headed out this morning on the first leg of their SoCal road trip. Having fought Interstate 5 a few years back, they chose instead to head south on Highway 101, a prettier and far less frantic route.

It was particularly pretty today. So many vineyards have been planted since L frequented the route during her UCLA days, and they were all gold or orange, glistening a bit after the overnight rain. And north of San Luis Obispo, the hillsides were a verdant green.

Shadowy in Santa BarbaraThey stopped along the way at a huge rest stop on the edge of Camp Roberts. When L was a little girl, her father always had to stop at this former army base, even in blistering heat. That is where he went for basic training for the Infantry during World War II; she’s less sure if he stayed there when he was selected for Officer Candidate School.

Their final destination was Santa Barbara, also a stop along the way when L was a little girl. Just as surely as they’d drive around Camp Roberts, her parents would pull over along the beach where there was play equipment and an opportunity to dip her feet in the ocean.

Today, even The Mag wasn’t interested in the water – it was so windy. But they had a nice walk nevertheless and D took a particularly good shadowy photo.

They’re staying a throw back beach motel which is a couple of blocks away from a neighborhood dive bar. A perfect ending to a throwback day…

Walk/easy/2.5 miles

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One Response to On the road – headed south along Highway 101

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Sounds romantic!
    Love Santa Batbara. Seems like you’re having no trouble finding doug friendly hotels too.

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