Game day trek up the coast with a stop in Los Olivos

D and The Mag at Westin

L got up with much anticipation this morning. If UCLA beat USC, they’d play in the Pac 12 championship at Levi’s Stadium, a game that they could attend. Hoping for some additional good vibes, the Adventurers stopped in to see UCLA roommate Christine and husband Rick (who pitched briefly for the Bruins). Alas, UCLA lost big.

D and The Mag at SidesBefore they left Pasadena, they had a chilly but pleasant breakfast out on the Westin patio, warmed by a huge heater and the long fire pit. This happened thanks to the intervention of a hotel exec who let the restaurant staff know it really was alright for two people and a dog to eat outside despite the rules to the contrary.

There second outdoor eating adventure was at Sides in Los Olivos, which they discovered on their trip down south for Thanksgiving last year. The whole town is one long stretch of wine tasting rooms and restaurants.

Their final destination for the day was Cayucos, although they arrived too late for any exploration. They’re hoping Stanford will do better than the Bruins…

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