Coastside visit to see the dinosaurs with Grace and James

Grace and James at dinosaursMuch of what the Adventurers had planned today as part of the grandkids’ visit, was curtailed do to the rainy weather. The forecasters did promise a slight break in the weather between 10 and Noon so they decided to go to the coast, as they planned, but with a shorter agenda.

First stop was Poplar Beach where they’d hope to go down on the sand so that Maggie could “zoom, zoom, zoom.” But the path down was way to muddy. So they settled for a walk on the bluff top with Grace getting to hold Maggie’s leash one way and James on the return.

After a quick lunch at Tres Amigos, they headed to see the big metal dinosaurs that are in a “pen” just beyond town. As expected James like them much better than Grace. Alas, they didn’t rival what he saw on the screen in Jurassic World…

Walk/easy/one mile

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