New Year’s Eve hike at Toro Regional Park

Who Da Thunk_Toro Regional Park

D gave L “an adventure” for Christmas suggesting they head south to Carmel for some hiking and celebrating of the new year. To her delight, The Mag came along.

D and The Mag_Toro Regional ParkOn the way, they stopped for a hike at Toro Regional Park, which is on Highway 68 about five miles west of Salinas. They took the advise of the park attendant and did a loop hike that combined East Ridge, Toyon Ridge and Barrow’s canyon before walking on a trail adjacent to the road for the last mile.

The first two miles were butt kickers, very steep in places and uphill all the way. As usual, The Mag didn’t it with ease while the Adventurers huffed and puffed a bit.

But the payoffs were great – views of Monterrey Bay all the way to Santa Cruz. And D stopped to wave 2015 good bye with a Who Da Thunk heart.

Plus, it allowed them to psych up for dinner at the always fun Mission Ranch Inn. No Clint sightings, alas…

Hike/moderate to challenging in places/4 miles

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