New Year’s Day butt kicker of a hike at Garland Ranch

New Years Day hike at Garland Ranch

L remembered Garland Ranch as being one of the best places to hike with a dog from a time 20 or so years ago when she was there with Cassie, the great Australian Shepherd. So that’s where the Adventurers headed today with Maggie for a hike to start the New Year.

Garland Ranch mapAnd what a hike it turned out to be. After a level mile along the Carmel River from where they parked, they started to climb on Saddle trail. And climb they did in what they think was the steepest hike they’ve ever taken together. They gained 1,600-feet in 1.3 miles, with only a very few small breaks in the constant up.

To say it was a butt kicker is an understatement. But once a top they had 360 views in all directions.

Coming down was also a challenge. The headed down the Veeder Trail, with the first 1/2 down very, very steep. The second 1/2 miles was down but in less dramatic fashion.

Maggie took it all stride, both going up and coming down. And she was in doggy heaven as off leash was permitted.

They did agree that it was good for them. And a great way to start 2016…

Hike/strenuous/4.75 miles

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