Taking advantage of break in the rain for walk around Stanford

D and the Mag at Lake Lagunita1

It looks like it’s going to be a “seize the moment” winter where walks need to get taken when the rain lets up.

Given that most of their favorite trails would be muddy, the Adventurers chose to walk around the Stanford campus today. By going around the perimeters, it barely feels like school is in session.

One thing they were curious about was if the recent rains had started to fill Lake Lagunita. Not yet, but when they got to the banks, steam was rising from the lake bed while fog was descending from above. It made for an atmospheric shot of D and the Mag.

The continued down Campus Drive East before heading back by Tressider and the Arrillaga Center on the west of campus. It was chilly when they headed out, but the sun came out as the neared home…

Walk/easy/5.30 miles

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