Question for the day: did the Adventurers venture out of the Bay area (or not?)

famous ice cream place in Pleasanton

The Adventurers drove to Pleasanton today to have lunch with Stockton friends, Mary and Jay. The destination was about half way between the Peninsula and the Central Valley town.

Haps in PleasantonL cannot remember when she was last in Pleasanton, although D says they had lunch there once before. She knows she used to go there when she was kid when the Alameda County Fair was being held; the many of the Reid family members were partial to playing the ponies.

It was a pretty drive over, the bright green hills against the grey sky. When they arrived downtown, the encountered a couple who were eating where they thought they’d eat (until they found out about an hour wait) and L mentioned that they were “from the Bay Area” to which the woman replied, “This is the Bay Area.”

L remains not quite sure, although she thinks she maintains the Tri-Valley area is just outside the Bay Area.

Of note: famous ice cream and good looking dive restaurant/bar. They resisted the former and were too early for the latter…

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1 Response to Question for the day: did the Adventurers venture out of the Bay area (or not?)

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    I love hearing about your jaunts. For the record, my sister lived in Pleasanton. She always called it the Bay Area!

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