Scouting out the big surf on MLK Day

big surf coast_jan18

After the recent winter storms, the Adventurers figured the waves coast side would be good sized. Evidently to did every one else on the Peninsula who hadn’t left town to ski or snowboard. Everywhere was picked.

The gave up on Mavericks when they saw the overflow parking lot was overflowing, and end up parking at Princetown Harbor (which people don’t seem to realize has scads of parking). The head south, a route that took them along Highway 1 for awhile before heading along a bluff, which was quite nice. And they could see the big waves and tons of surfers trying them out.

D stopped at the Maverick surf shop before they had lunch at Barbara’s Fish Trap and found out the surf was as high as 40 feet.

Next time, they’ll go on a weekday…

Walk/easy/four miles

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