Exploring a first – snow hiking in Coldstream Canyon

Trail sign in Coldstream Canyon

After three days of snowshoeing, the Adventurers admitted to being a bit beat up. Their muscles were sore in places that had never been sore before, and they were a bit perplexed how a fairly mellow outdoor activity could take such a toil.

L's Snow TraxSo this morning they decided to shed the snow shoes and don what had been a impulse purchase at Costco a few years back, Snow Trax,, which attach to the bottom of a boot to provide extra traction in snow and ice (or so the promise).

Their route was up Coldstream Canyon, which is part of (or along side) Donner State Park, they weren’t quick sure. They hiked, going uphill most but not all of the time, to a trail marking that showed further away destinations, that weren’t in the cards for getaway day. And, indeed, the Snow Trax, did grip the snow a bit more and were particularly helpful in icy patches.

Of note, the new snow dog, Maggie, who was a bit baffled when first introduced to the white stuff on Monday and is now “all in” exploring sniffs off and on trail. But never to far away, even though she has been off leash for most of the adventures.

What is great about going midweek to a popular destination? In their four miles of hiking today, they counted four people – and four dogs, including The Mag…

Maggie on the trail

Snow hiking/moderate/4.2 miles

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