Valentines Day outing to Bean Hollow

D and L on V Day

The Adventurers could deviate from their usual Sunday walk-to-the-Farmers-Market routine today and decided to head up the hill and west.

Calla lilies at Bean HollowFirst stop was for breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant. By being there around 9, they figured they’d beat the Valentines Day crush, and the did sort of. The outdoor tables, while occupied had enough share space so they squeezed into one end with The Mag in tow.

They then continued West toward the coast with their destination Bean Hollow. It is one of the few state beach parks that allows dogs, so they could do the two-miles bluff top walk. The calendar said February but it felt like the balmy beach weather they get so often in the Fall.  They stumbled upon some Calla Lilies blooming in a ravine.

A lunch stop at Duartes was quickly aborted due to the horrendous crowds and long wait, so they came home and tried the new burger place at Ladera.

Tonight, D is cooking L a surprise Valentines dinner…

Hike/easy/two miles

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