Paddling at Elkhorn Slough – in February? Who da thunk

Mag and D paddlingby sea otters

L was all set to hike Windy Hill today but D had a better idea. Given the mid-70s temperature, take the kayaks out of their moth ball state and head down the coast to Elkhorn Slough, which is the nearest spot for great paddling.

Mag on the kayakWhat’s great about the slough is not only it’s relatively calm waters but it’s abundance of wildlife, various birds as well as sea otters and sea lions.

The otters allow you to get within about five feet before diving down into the water for an escape. One pair had a baby, which was the first time that seen an offspring.

The sea lions just lounge about in the sun, hardly lifting their heads as the humans paddle by (and cruise on the various putt-putt boats).

Maggie came along and was riveted by the larger than her ocean creatures.

Any good they did by paddling was quickly erased with lunch at their favorite Moss Landing restaurant, the Haute Enchilada…

Maggie on the lookout

Paddle/easy/5 miles

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