A sorta, kinda body rest day but not really at Calistoga Ranch

View across lake at Calistoga Ranch

Given that they are at what just may be the prettiest place in what might be called the Napa Valley (given that they are up above the valley a bit), the Adventurers decided to take advantage of everything that the Calistoga Ranch has to offer.

D hiking at Calistoga RanchEarly morning that meant that L went to a Pilates class (kind of hard) and K went to the fitness center. Next up was a two-prong hike on the property’s “advanced” hiking trails, Spring and Canyon Trails. Compared to yesterday, they were a piece of cake, although particularly the latter had some very steep sections.

After a great lunch in town at Sam’s Social Club, they had more pampering with a couples massage up at the beautiful hilltop spa. Then a soak in their private hot tub. (Does this all seem like a dream?)

The kicker tonight was that their waiter at the Lakehouse restaurant had worked for years at the Village Pub, one of their favorites. L did recognize his face and they remembered a lot of folks in common.

Who da thunk….

Hike/moderate/3.75 miles

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1 Response to A sorta, kinda body rest day but not really at Calistoga Ranch

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    So Pretty! It does sound like Paradise!

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