Beating up the bodies a bit more with 6 1/2 miles of hiking

Poppies at Moore Creek Park

Having hiked the two steeper trails at Calistoga Ranch, the Adventurers headed out for a pre-breakfast hike up the less strenuous but still steep in parts, Canyon Trail. Below they could see the valley shrouded in fog.

Househunting at Moore Creek ParkAfter checking out they headed to 673-acre Moore Creek Park, where they did a loop hike that just might be one of the prettiest they’ve ever done, thanks to the abundant wildflowers of all varieties. They were set off by the rolling grasslands along with a mix of oak and madrone, as well as some pine and Douglas fir.

They headed up Moore Creek Trail which runs along a dirt access road to the caretaker cottage for approximately one mile. At the cottage, the trail heads up to Valentine Vista, party of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which loops back to the parking lot.

Along the way, they came upon some abandoned ranch buildings, which they like to refer to as “house hunting” on their adventures.

L’s legs barked at her most of the way, but it was a hike well worth the effort…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Hike Canyon Trail/mostly easy/1.8 miles

Hike Moore Creek loop/some good uphill pulls along with ridge top walking/4.7 miles

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1 Response to Beating up the bodies a bit more with 6 1/2 miles of hiking

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Oh, the poppies! Well worth the hike!

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