Fun with the grandkids at Hiller Aviation Museum

Finding their house with Google earth

The Adventurers picked up Grace and James just before noon today and headed back across the Bay.

First stop was the Sky Kitchen, a coffee shop adjacent to the San Carlos airport. L’s guessing it’s bee there since her cousin Robin learned to fly 60 years ago. And there were a lot of his contemporaries there talking aviation. From their seats they could see planes take off and land (although missed a lot of the latter.)

Grace and James flying helicopter

Then it was across the runway (not literally) to the Hiller Aviation Museum, which features a small but amazing collection of aircraft that tell the story of aviation development. What’s fun is that there’s something to look at in every direction, both above and on the ground.

There’s also a fair number of interactive exhibits that the kids enjoyed. D helped Grace “fly” over her neighborhood using Google Earth until she found her home (top photo). And both James and Grace enjoyed taking turns pretending to fly the various aircraft. The helicopters were a particular hit.

A bonus was that there was a number of huge model train lay outs, which James, in particular, enjoyed seeing. They were only there for the weekend, but the museum has lots of special events.

We’ll visit again…

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