A bit too adventurous hike on Adventure Tuesday

D and the Mag at trailhead

Some months ago L discovered various preserves operated by the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. Chief among the was the Byrne-Milliron Forest near the town of Corralitos. A bonus/essential: it was dog friendly.

So that’s where the Adventurers headed today, given that temps were to reach low 80s in Menlo Park (in early April, really?), and there was no fog on the coast.

D with rope on scary trailAs explained by the Trust, at 402 acres, the preserve features a mix of Redwood and hardwood forest with 10 miles of hiking trails (no bikes, yea!) open “as conditions permit.”

They headed up the Byrne Trail from the parking lot and soon came to the Leonard Bartle Trail which offered a “cathedral rest stop,” whatever that meant. They’d met a woman and her dog along the way, who that said the trail was steep, which didn’t concern them.

What should have concerned them – or better stated, concerned L – was the yellow cone at the start of the trail. It might have been wise to remember “as conditions permit.” But there was no notice of closure, so down the canyon went. The trail was narrow, and they had to cross the creek and scamper up some steep places, one that needed a rope to pull them up.

That was all doable, but they got to a section where the trail sort of disappeared into the hillside. This shouldn’t have really surprised them, given that this area has had 16 inches of rain this year, some of which came in concentrated doses. But the stopper for L was the long way down with any misstep. (She has felt a bit better that others have also gotten a bit fearful of heights as they’ve aged. Maybe a self-defense mechanism?)

Corralitos Market & Sausage Co

So they turned around and went back to Byrne trail, rope navigation and all. Things stayed easy until they turned up the Ridge Top Trail, which had some very steep sections. By the time they go the “Eagle in Tree” Vista point, they agreed they’d had a pretty good workout. It was all downhill from there (well, mostly so, just a few ups and downs.)

After finishing their hike, they stopped in Corralitos, which is known for its sausage market. It brought back memories of their Central Valley adventures when they’d stop at Lockford for its sausages. They choose an assortment of Santa Fe, lamb, wild boar and beef. All will be heated up tonight.  L will enjoy with her Red Garden Sauerkraut from Wise Goat purchased Sunday at the Menlo Park Farmers Market.

Even with the mid-hike terror, it was a very good day…

Hike/moderate/5.5 miles

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One Response to A bit too adventurous hike on Adventure Tuesday

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    All’s well that ends well! You definitely deserve sausage!

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