Fort to Fort walk on a windy but sunny day in San Francisco

The Mag and D at Chrissy Field

The reason that the Adventurers headed to the City this morning was the slight chance that L would be able to “walk in” to the Annie Leibovitz that’s taking place near Chrissy Field. The free tickets have all been allotted but walk ins can stand in line, which was too long when they sauntered by.

But that was the only disappointment on a bright and blustery day by the Bay. They parked at Fort Mason and headed toward the Golden Gate Bridge along first Marina Green and eventually the large expanse of Chrissy Field, with was once a airstrip.

Their endpoint was Fort Point which is tucked under the Bridge. They were a bit surprised to find a half dozen surfers enjoying the waves. They didn’t see anyone actually jump into the waves as Kim Novak did in Vertigo; luckily Jimmy Stewart was there to save her.

They stopped at the Warming Hut for lunch and thanks to the sunshine it was nice enough to eat outside, even with the wind, which wasn’t as bad there as along the Chrissy Field walkway.

A great day along the Bay even without Annie…

Walk/easy/6.1 miles

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