First baseball game of the season is minor league

Ports versus Giants

The Adventurers headed to San Jose this afternoon to spend some pre-game time with friend Christine before watching the Stockton Ports, managed by her husband, Rick, take on the San Jose Giants.

First stop was the Dolce Hayes, a hotel that’s built around the Hayes Mansion, noted for being one of the best examples of late 19th-century Mediterranean Revival architecture. According to Wikipedia: “Early on, the property was self-sufficient, with its own power plant, a post office, railroad station, carriage stop, lodgings for 40 ranch hands, and a chapel. The family grew fruits and vegetables and raised its own livestock. Everis and Jay Hayes went on to help develop the Santa Clara Valley fruit industry and became the publishers of the San Jose Mercury. Three U.S. Presidents visited the mansion during their prominence.”

What surprised L given her father’s many aunts and uncles in the area was that she’d never heard of it before.

Then it was on the game, which proved to be a blowout, with the wrong side winning. But it was fun to get back into the baseball swing. And they’ll re-group in August when the Ports are in the Bay Area again…

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