Second ball game of the year with more old friends

No need to stop the run of Giants games with good friends from Hillview and M-A days. The first stop of the Adventurers Southwest road trip was a visit with Terri and Tom. It was their first visit to Chase Field, which they experienced with the roof closed and then opened as the day cooled off.

L has known Terri since second grade, and like she discussed with Rob and Nancy on Wednesday, her home in Atherton was magical, so grand that every little girl that visited felt like a princess, welcomed always by her wonderful and warm mothers.

Her roots with Tom go even further back as she took her first swim lessons with him and a future Olympian, Dick Roth, from Chuck Thompson at one of his neighbor’s pools. How that all came about, they aren’t sure but both remember it happening.

Terri and Tom reconnected about 30 years ago (omg, could it be that long!) and married, kind of like the Adventurers, although they didn’t wait as long.

Icing on the cake: the Giants came back to win it in the top of the ninth, 5-3. Did we mention that Tom is a Dodger fan….


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