Checking out one of Sedona’s famous vortexes and Boynton Canyon

D at Vortex Site

When L was in Sedona 30 years ago, she didn’t recall it being so mystical/metaphysical/New Agey. But maybe that’s because the town’s vortexes had yet to be discovered, with some attributing it to the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  Believe in them or not, the whole town has spawned an industry on these energy fields.

So, on the theory of when in Rome do as the Romans do, the Adventurers headed out to Boynton Canyon for a hike that features a vortex just off the main trail (and conveniently located close to the trailhead parking lot). They were soon greeted on the trail by a gentleman about their age who handed them each red rock hearts. When he got to the vortex site, he scampered up to the top and started playing his flute. There was no way in hell either of the Adventurers were going to follow suit.

After the crowds at the vortex, they hiked mostly solely along a boulder-strewn trail that skirted the Enchantment Resort, which is tucked in a long narrow and very pretty valley. They followed the trail through woodlands until they realized they were getting peckish and headed back through the resort itself (technically off limits, but they were buying lunch after all.)

They didn’t feel their male and female beings better balanced as the Vista vortex promised, fyi…

Where they stayed: Adobe Grand Villas (great marks if marketed as luxury B&B, not so much as “boutique resort”)

Where they ate: Hudson’s – good food, good service – a winner

Hike/moderate/7 miles

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