Experiencing Sedona’s famous Pink Jeep tours

L and D on Pink Jeep tour

Everyone and every guidebook said they had to experience a Pink Jeep tour in Sedona. L was skeptical. Was it really worth it to spend a large junk of cash to be bounced around in the desert?

Pink Jeep_verticalThe verdict remains – maybe. They did get to see an area of Sedona that they wouldn’t have hiked in. And they did get to hear a lot about the area’s geology from their knowledgeable driver/guide. But the ride itself was far from thrilling, albeit not very bumpy either.

A highlight was the hail/snow storm they encountered midway. The temperature had drooped about 30 degrees since their morning hike.

Note on later that evening: They’d heard about great sunsets at the Airport Plateau and so headed that way for late afternoon hike. But they didn’t factor in the degree of difficulty, not in elevation but in footing, so got caught in the dark before they could get out. That’ when they’re iPhone flashlights came in handy. And a good guy took them to their car once they made it back to civilization…

Pink Jeep_hori

Dining: Back at Hudson’s to watch the Warriors game at the bar – another winner

AM hike/easy/1.60 miles; PM hike/moderate/3.5 miles

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One Response to Experiencing Sedona’s famous Pink Jeep tours

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    And you lived to tell about it! Well done!

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