Grand day at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon by D

L has been at the Grand Canyon a number of times during her lifetime, starting when she was a child with her parents with a memorable mule ride down to Indian Gardens during a snow storm. She didn’t know until she returned that her photo was taken by one of the famous Kolb brothers. (Now, where to find it…)

L at Grand Canyon markerNo snow for the Adventurers but rain threatened when they did their late morning and afternoon walk heading into opposite directions from the El Tovar where they were staying. There are now markers showing the development of the Canyon over the billions of years, which are fun and interesting to follow.

The Canyon is still a photographer’s dream and the clouds lent more interest to the photos, although dulling some of the colors.

The El Tovar is much as L remembered it, a rambling old building that’s full of memories if not first class 21st century service. But they wouldn’t have stayed anywhere else…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Rim walks/easy/5.5 miles

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