Blustery day at Bryce Canyon

D at edge of Bryce Canyon

The plan today was to walk along the rim of Bryce Canyon getting in five to six miles in one direction of the other. And that’s what the Adventurers tried to do, but the reverse baseball cap on D’ head should tell part of the story.

Looking down Navajo TrailWinds were gusting so hard that they were almost blown over. And the sand was swirling in a very abrasive manner.

So they opted for plan two, which was a walk down into the Canyon on Navajo trail. About a half mile down they got out of the wind and seeing the structures up close was a treat.

After climbing back out, they head to Bryce Lodge for lunch, channeling the time years and years ago the L’s parents had dined there.

With the wind still howling, they did a driving tour to the top of the Canyon at Rainbow Point, just over 9,000 feet. They then made their way down, stopping to see some of the Parks’ famous sights like natural bridge…

Scene from Rainbow Point

Natural Arch_Bryce CanyonSleeping and eating: They’re staying at the Bryce Country Cabins, which look out on farmland and are spacious and clean. Dinner is at the upscale Stone Hearth Grille – excellent and a surprise given the town of Tropic.

Top two photos by L; bottom two by Dennis Nugent

Hike/moderate/3.75 miles

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