It’s a Kodachrome kind of a morning at Utah state park of the same name

Kodachrome vista by D

Ballerina Spire by DThe plan today was for the Adventurers to do the Peekaboo Loop trail in Bryce Canyon. But they found themselves in crowd fatigue and instead headed to a nearby state park called Kodachrome Basin. It just may be the best hike they’ve taken

The scenery is dominated by 67 monolithic stone spires called sedimentary pipes. They accentuate multi-hued sandstone layers revealing 180 million years of geologic time. The area was “discovered” by a 1948 National Geographic Society expedition who, in turn, got permission from the Eastman Kodak Co. to name the park after the film that was just gaining popularity at the time.

Kodacrome vista2 by D

D in slot canyon at KodachromeAccording to Wikipedia, “differing geological explanations of the features in the park  exist. One explanation is that the area was once similar to Yellowstone National Park with hot springs and geysers, which eventually filled up with sediment and solidified. Through time, the Entrada sandstone surrounding the solidified geysers eroded, leaving large sand pipes. Others suggest these sandstone spires are the result of sandstone intrusions which were created as a result of the tectonic activity in the Plio-Pleistocene time, the time of the uplift of the surrounding plateaus.”

Whatever the explanation, it’s a really fun Park to hike through with something new to look at around every corner.

And a bonus: They saw six people and two dogs. One couple was doing just as they were doing, escaping the National Park hordes…

Photos by Dennis Nugent, except the photo of D in a slot canyon by L

Hike/moderate/6.3 miles

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1 Response to It’s a Kodachrome kind of a morning at Utah state park of the same name

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Stunning! Looks like you’re having a wonderful trip.

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