Getting funky – and a great bargain meal – at Rainbow Casino

D at Rainbow Casino

So, the Adventurers last night of their Southwest road trip was a bit weird.

Originally, they thought they’d take advantage of one of the very cheap Hotel Tonight deals on the Strip. But as they got closer, they both realized that even cheap wasn’t worth a night in a area they really had no interest in seeing it (again.).

Menu at Rainbow CasinoL found a Westin property at Lake Las Vegas, and that is where they ended up for the night. She had hoped there would be a trail around this manmade lake, but no such luck so they got their miles by walking around the development, which had a ghost town feel to it.

There was a large shopping complex but most of the stores and restaurants were shuttered. They met a worker who said it was jumping place until about three years ago.

Further signs of ghost town was the pretty empty parking lot at the Westin (which had previously been a Hyatt and then a Lowe’s).

It was all kind of weird, so they chose a funky location for dinner, the Rainbow Casino in nearby Henderson, where the Tuesday special Prime Rib dinner cost all of $9.

And yes, just as the restaurant hoped, they dropped the another $40 playing video poke in the adjacent casino…

Walk/easy/5 miles

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