Getting a taste of the Sunol Wilderness on a busy Memorial Day

L, D and Maggie along the trail at Sunol1

D thought the remoteness of Sunol Regional Wilderness may keep the crowds down. That and the fact that we were on the early side, well before the lunchtime picnickers arrived.

That was not to be. The parking lot was already overflowing when they arrived around 10:00 am but they were lucky enough to find the last spot.

They headed out on Indian Joe Creek Joe which became the Canyon View trail, both of which skirted the grassy slopes, climbing steadily. Their destination was Little Yosemite which they first saw from above from a lookout side trail.

D and Maggie along the trail at Sunol

There were throngs of people and dogs at Little Yosemite, many splashing in the water, ignoring the “no wading’ signs. (Dogs, after all, can’t read).

Maggie was able to find numerous mud puddles along the trail and got more splashing – and a bit of a clean up – back near where they parked.

A good loop hike on a hot late spring day…

Hike/moderate for first two miles, easy on the way back/4.2 miles

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