Finally – a walk around an old favorite, Bair Island

Bair Island bridge

Back in the Cassie days, Bair Island was a favorite destination for a Saturday morning jog. In the early 90s, it was still undeveloped but had a dirt path around the circumference, at least that’s what L recalls.

At some point it was re-developed, so to speak, under the auspices of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge. Covering 3,000 acres, Bair Island is the largest undeveloped island in the San Francisco Bay. It was once used for farming, grazing and salt production and was spared housing development thanks to the work of locals.

After years of being closed, it re-opened in 2015 with two separate pathways that provide two out and back walks totally about four miles. That’s what they did today, without The Mag, who was being groomed, and isn’t allowed on the trails.

They didn’t see much wildlife, but maybe did spot a sea otter or seal. And a goose family with two goslings.

L realized she took no photos on the island itself, but did like the bridge reflection on the path leading to it…

Walk/easy/4 miles


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