The Kids arrive for a Friday sleep over

James and Grace pretending to be plants

James and Grace with tailsGiving Julie a break to do some packing while John is away at a bachelor weekend, Grace and James arrived just after lunch for a sleep over. It was the beginning of a very busy afternoon.

First, there was work to be done in the garden that they had helped D plant a portion of earlier in the year. They seized the opportunity to “be plants” and enjoyed being watered by D. Next up was a game of Jungle Croquets on the lawn followed by jumbo dominoes in the house – both new games.

Then, after running around the house with tails they’d made out of goose feathers, it was over to SCRA where D was working the afternoon barbecue. James didn’t want to leave and made friends with a kid his age by playing water basketball. Grace enjoyed jumping off the diving board.

And of of this before cheering on the Warriors to a game four victory over the Cavs..

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