Feeling all geezer like at San Mateo County Fair

SMC Fair_Makers Faire exhibit

The Adventurers took the train up to the San Mateo County Fair today. It was “senior day” and admission was free. That saved them all of $12!

Rock Star rideNeither could remember when they’d last been the this fair, which was a popular thing to do when they were in high school. L remembered an double date after her senior year. Could that have been it?

They arrived as the fair opened and crowds were very light. Indeed there were a lot of fellow geezers, many more senior than the Adventurers. And a fair amount of families with young children.

They walked by the Makers Faire exhibit (toP) which was fun to look at and imagine what happens when it is functional. And they wandered through the flowers, cakes, pies entries. People really do bake offs still!

There were a ton of photographs entered in a wide range of categories, many quite good. And then, of course, the aisles of commercial products all that also appear on late night infomercial.

They wandered through the rides, separated by kiddie and teen thrillers. They weren’t tempted.

Sheep getting shorn

No fair is complete without the animals, and they watched the sheep being shorn in preparation for judging in the late afternoon. L doesn’t like to think about the fact they become leg of lamb…

Walk/easy/4.5 miles (including to and from the train stations)

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