Enjoying an amazingly warm day (in June!) on the coast

D and the Mag on Mavericks bluff

The Adventurers had no plan today for adventure Thursday. Yesterday’s winds disauded them from thinking about taking the kayaks out. But if only they’d known that a coast side June day would feel more like the fall, when the weather is warmer and calmer.

They didn’t do a lot of thinking before heading over to one of their favorite hikes just north of Half Moon Bay. Truth is they didn’t have the imagination to be more creative.

The route is one of their tried and true favorites, taking them from the parking lot near Mavericks to Moss Beach. Today is was punctuated with lunch at Moss Beach Distillery, featuring it’s wickedly good beer battered artichoke hearts.

beer battered arthichoke

The real show, though, was the vistas, which were spectacular, and not easily captured by a camera. Over and over they marveled that it just might be one of the prettiest days they’ve experienced coast side.

But it all came back to the weather. June can be foggy and cool coast side but today was channeling the warm weather of the fall…


looking toward MavericksHike/easy/4.2 miles

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1 Response to Enjoying an amazingly warm day (in June!) on the coast

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    I love how your hikes always include a culinary reward!

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