Who da thunk – watching Timmie pitch in an Angels uniform at an Athletics’ game

Linsecum pitching againts As

There’s who-da-thunk and then there’s who-ca-thunk on steroids. That’s a little bit how the Adventurers felt when they decided this morning that they couldn’t miss Tim Lincecum’s return to the Major Leagues, even if he was in an Angels uniform.

Linsecum fanThey were not alone. On the way to the Coliseum on Bart and at the game itself, there were a lot of Giants fans. It was an easy call. Their team was far away in Tampa Bay (achieving a come-from-behind win).

And the entire Bay Area was getting a break from watching back-to-back horrible Warriors game, taking a deep breath before Game 7 tomorrow.

So, why not go out and support Timmie, even if Giants fans hold a bad taste in their mouth about the Angels. The decade separation helps.

L was the first to spot Tim, warming up across the field near the first base line. There was the delivery that Giants’ fans had come to love.

When Tim came to the mound in the bottom of the first, at least 2/3rds of the folks in the Coliseum rose to their feet. It was a great baseball moment.

And when he left the mound after the 7th, solidly ahead, there was another great round of applause. One couldn’t blame the A’s fans for being less enthusiastic…

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