Morning walk into the town of Redwood Valley

business in downtown Redwood Valley

Realizing that they’d need some lunch provisions, the Adventurers walked into the thriving metropolis of Redwood Valley, a little more than a mile from their hilltop retreat.

D in front of Black Bart parade signAs they’d been warned, there was not much there, there – a nice little market, a funky Mexican restaurant and a couple of businesses, one selling “gardening” supplies (me thinks the local growers aren’t raising roses), and another selling dirt (presumably to raise the non-roses in).

That latter business was next to what appeared to be a completely tin house that featured a  number of [real] vegetables in 5-gallon containers. The offer – put $10 in the slot and take a pot [of veggies].

One highlight of their Redwood/Potter Valley so far has been the re-introduction the lore of Black Bart, an local outlaw that L’s father used to regale her with tales about. D poised for a photo promoting a parade. And when James and Grace climbed into bed with them this morning, L read them the story of the gentleman bandit who wrote poetry…

Walk/easy with a little climb/2.6 miles

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