Time for the main event – Tyler and Rachel’s wedding

L, James and Grace at top of Robin's propertySo the Adventurers, John, and the kids headed over to cousin’s Robin’s beautiful property in Potter Valley for the wedding of his grandson Tyler to local girl, Rachel.

The ceremony itself was held at the top of his property, a site L knows well as that is where she scattered the ashes of both of her parents (at their request). There are exquisite views in all directions. And a good breeze helped keep things not blistering hot (but hot enough!).

After the brief ceremony, it was down the hill for the party, with at least 200 people in attendance including “Reid” cousins Greg and Dana, along with their daughter Rachel. The equipment barn had been magically transformed into one of the prettiest event spaces we’d ever seen – so much attention to detail.

Tyler and Rachel_revisedGrace and James were in heaven. They got a hair-raising ride around the property from cousin Jim. And then each met kids there age – James a gang of boys who, according to James, found secret hideouts all over the property and Grace, one girl, in particular, who wore a cowboy hat, which caught the city girl’s attention. There were all sorts of cool games to keep the kids occupied. And a huge table of homemade pies to scan – neither had seen anything like it.

With the sun fully down and then some, the adults realized it was almost 10:00 and headed home just before the dancing started. All to Grace’s disappointment…

Photo of L with grandkids by John Getze; photoof Tyler and Rachel by Dana Roberson

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1 Response to Time for the main event – Tyler and Rachel’s wedding

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Sounds like a great time. Our weekend was a family wedding of a cousin in St Augustne, which I’d never been to. Fun time, but incredible heat and 60 percent humidity! Glad to be back!

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