Heading back to Bay Area with a stop to kayak in Richardson Bay

L kayaking in Richardson Bay near SausalitoThe Adventurers broke camp Sunday morning with John and the kids following shortly thereafter, each deciding to take separate routes home.

Sea Lion lounging along Sausalito shorelineL and D stopped at what’s become their favorite Ukiah coffee shop, Black Oak, where they serve the best breakfast sandwiches along with delicious coffee. Some Black Bart beans came home with them.

They’d discussed kayaking on Lake Mendocino but feared that there would be too many power boats. So they headed to Healdsburg with the idea of paddling on the Russian River. But that was blocked as all the beaches (or at least those they could find quickly) were “private,” meaning controlled by the rafting companies.

Next stop was near Corte Madera Creek in Larkspur where they once visited a kayak shop, which had since moved. And alas not access to the Creek.

The last hope was near Sausalito. While a local kayak outfitter wouldn’t allow them to launch from their part of the shore, a helpful guide to direct them to Schoonmaker Point, where they got their boats in the water.

They headed toward the Golden Gate, given that the tide was coming in and they wanted to get the hard part over with first. They saw more wildlife than they’d seen in all of their Southwest trip, including some not very shy sea lions.

All in all, they were glad they’d persevered…

Kayak/easy/three miles

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One Response to Heading back to Bay Area with a stop to kayak in Richardson Bay

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Nice shot! You are intrepid!

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