Tricked by the word “canyon” on a hike that went straight up

The Mag and D looking at Cal

The idea today was simple. L was going to Berkeley to interview a cyclist who once competed internationally and this year as going to participate in the local ride, Tour de Menlo.

L at steep signSo, she googled hikes near where the cyclist lived and found Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve. Like many of the East Bay trails, it was dog friendly, a plus after The Mag had been left alone when the Adventurers went north for the cousins’ wedding. without their trusty dog.

Alas, she didn’t realize a “canyon” hike would be not along a pretty steam (like many canyon hikes) but rather straight up. They climbed 800 feet in a mile, which got even The Mag breathing evenly.

The first third was in shade, which kind of tricked them into thinking this would be “no big deal.” But then the trail became full sun and steeper. We should mention that the views were absolutely spectacular with almost 360 degrees.

Did we mention that the “steep sign” was well beyond their trailhead? Let’s just say they got a lot of bang for their buck…

Hike/tough pull in places/2.5 miles

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